The Clarkson review: BMW M135i

這一篇 review 不算短,不過前半段的調性是典型的 Top Gear 式賣弄,基本上,review 的對象就算不是 M135i 也一樣很有機會套用相同的句子,不過,最後的結論非常直接而有力 (雖然一樣可以套用到別的車型)。

Jeremy Clarkson:

Hate this car? Then you hate driving.

我們畢竟是評車不是評文章。重點 — 五顆星評價。

I do wish BMW would reserve that M badge for cars that have come from its motor sport division, rather than sticking it on anything that’s a bit faster than usual. The M135i may say M on the back. But if you look underneath, there’s no limited-slip diff, so it isn’t an M car, really. Unless the M here stands for marketing.

That, however, is my only gripe. And it isn’t enough to warrant a lost star. Because the M135i is so lovely to drive and because it’s available with a proper automatic gearbox and because it has pillarless doors and because it’s only £3,000 more than a similarly powerful Vauxhall, it gets full marks from me.

M135i 雖然不是一台完整的 M car,但以此價位得到如此性能,還有什麼好嫌的? 少了一顆 LSD 也不足以讓評價掉一顆星。

It has a supremely comfortable driver’s seat, an excellent steering wheel, impossibly Germanic controls and a perfect driving position. Get in and, no matter what age has done to your frame, you will immediately feel at one with the machine.

座椅舒適,優秀的方向盤,完美的坐姿 — 極佳的人機介面設計,一進入 M135i,立刻「人車一體」。全與操控有關。

Again, hate this car? Then you hate driving.