Ferrari LaFerrari vs Porsche 918

下方這支影片是一對朋友在 Spa 賽道分別開著 Ferrari LaFerrari 和 Porsche 918,LaFerrari onboard cam 拍攝與前方 918 之間的拉距:


— 918 owner never been on track since he had it
— LaF had very used Pzero Corsa semislick

You can see that half track is wet and the 918 was faster, mostly coming out from slow corners as it is 4wd.

In the dry section of the track I was faster.

Porsche 918 車主首次開 918 上賽道,而 LaFerrari 車主很適應 P Zero Corsa 且相對更習慣賽道。不過,我覺得就算場地全乾且兩車主條件一樣,LaFerrari 還是會輸。