Cayman GT4 RS 可能性

Porsche Motorsport 頭目 Andreas Preuninger 在 ’15 日內瓦車展向 evo 透露 Cayman GT4 RS 可能性。

Preuninger 表示

This is just the beginning of the era. I would be interested in doing a Cayman GT4 RS version, but at the moment we didn’t even talk about such a thing. If the customers call for something like this we could think about it.

Cayman GT4 只是個開端,Porsche 對 Cayman GT4 RS 是有興趣的。

Cayman GT4 巳在多國售盡

We underestimated the success of the Cayman GT4, which shows that we were right with the concept. In England, within three days two years of cars were sold. It happened in Sweden, it happened in Germany…everywhere.

這段訪問中還提到一個相當有意思的部分即是 Cayman GT4 熱銷的狀況,在英國、瑞典和德國等國家,Porsche 三天之內就把 Cayman GT4 兩年的產能給賣光,這也表示 Cayman GT4 RS 是有搞頭的事情。

We put a manual in it for good reason – to show people that we listened.

在前一篇 Cayman GT4 訪談 中 Preuninger 強調 Cayman GT4 之所以為手排設定乃基於顧客的要求,而在本次訪談又提到這件事,似乎表示只要顧客要求便能催生 Cayman GT4 RS。

不無可能,但現在我幾乎能確定 Cayman GT4 RS 只有 PDK 一種設定,這,還真是可惜…